Infinite Out evolved out of a group that Colin Sapp formed while attending Berklee College of Music. One of the first people he met at Berklee was pianist Todd Marston. Sapp was immediately struck by Marston's tasteful playing, lush sound, and sensitive musicianship. Throughout his Berklee stay, Sapp used Marston for every performance opportunity. Sapp met bassist Jakob Forslund and drummer Jordan Perlson in the Bret's Frets ensemble and saw how tight and creative they were together. The material Sapp wrote for this group eventually laid the groundwork for a (currently unreleased) 2003 recording. After recording half of the album, Forslund moved back to his homeland, Sweden, and Dmitry Ishenko took over on bass duties, completing the remaining songs. After Ishenko and Perlson moved to New York, bassist Andy Dow and drummer Maxwell Zemanovic joined the group. Other wonderful musicians who have performed in Infinite Out include keyboardist Rie Tsuji, drummer Lyndon Rochelle, bassist Jordan Scannella and bassist Kendall Eddy.

Infinite Out's music is rhythmic based, through-composed, and has a strong focus on improvisation. Sapp's music incorporates elements of jazz, funk, rock and electronic music. Infinite Out has been compared to Bitches Brew era Miles Davis, Pat Metheny Group, Primus, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Wayne Krantz.

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